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Welcome From The Wine Slushie Guy

Posted by The Wine Slushie Guy on Dec 6th 2015

Welcome From The Wine Slushie Guy

Hello and welcome! It has taken me a loooooong time to get the website up and running and I just want to say thank you for your patience. My purpose and aim is to build a connection with you and not only share news and info regarding wine slushies, the wine slush mixes, or anything The Wine Slushie Guy related, but to share a little bit about what’s going on in my life and make this a little personal too. But not only will it be me talking, I also want to hear your comments and suggestions and get to know you a little better too. So shall we?

The Wine Slushie Guy Meets The Robert Palmer Girls

The Wine Slushie Guy Meets The Robert Palmer Girls

I’ve enjoyed working at art & craft shows and meeting you and all the other people I’ve met along the way. And I have met some characters too. In the middle ofthe summer of 2014 at an art & craft show in Hyannis, Ally Papa and three of her friends approached the booth all in black dresses and I thought, “Hmmm, this is interesting, I wonder what’s going on here.” I said to them that they looked like the Robert Palmer Girls and one of the women said “That’s what my Mom said.” I laughed as they were too young to get the cultural reference and because someone else validated what I was thinking. I felt like I was bonding with her Mom even though I never met her. Turns out they are very close friends, all were studying to be dental hygienists together, and were just on the same wave length.

More Customer Characters

Jeannie Massicotte at the Brewster show in July 2014 was so taken and enamored by the whole thing that she offered to be a wine slushie girl a la Vanna White. I met a young woman about to be married on her bachelorette party and I let her come behind the booth and serve drinks with me for a bit. (Note: If you are that young lady or one of your friends are reading this, I want that pix J. I’d love to post it to my Facebook page). Another woman was at my booth and she looked like a customer I have never met in person, but who had ordered via email and I only saw her photo on gmail. I said her almost under my breath “You look like a customer of mine named McKenzie” and told her the last name. She said, “That’s my sister. I’m McKayla”…small world.

Thanks to My Customers

First of all, I want to thank you and everyone I have met, purchased a wine slush mix, or joined the preferred customer list. Without you, The Wine Slushie Guy would not have survived. I want to thank my first email customer McKenzie Sparling (same McKenzie from above) who was also the inspiration for the free shipping when purchasing 8 packs. Along the same lines, I want to thank Cliff Kotfila who was the inspiration for the Christmas specials. Trish Conti at the Hyannis July 2014 show bailed me out as my blenders stopped working and she went to her house and let me use hers for the day. Luckily, I have better blenders now. And thanks to Marlyse Pikul for sending pix of her Watermelon and Peach Mango Bellini wine slushies.

Thanks to All Who Helped Me Get the Website Up and Running

First, I want to thanks my web developer, Sean Carty, from for his excellent work, patience, and taking me step by step through this process. Without him, I still would be without a website. And thanks to Jeff Mandell from for his spot on caricature of me and for his ability to take my input and revise the caricature several times until I was satisfied.

Thanks to a Couple of Personal Friends

On a personal level, I want to thank my friend Pete Harrington who has listened to my entrepreneurial tale week in and week out from the beginning and has been a source of non-judgemental support and encouragement and for his wife Kellie for her inspiration as a fellow entrepreneur.

My Last and Greatest Thanks

Lastly, there are two people I want to thank via a story I heard at church one day. And it goes something like this: There was a homeless man in Las Vegas who was walking through a casino and needed to use the men’s room. Unfortunately, the stall in the men’s bathroom required a quarter to open and he didn’t have a quarter. He asked a couple of people for the money and finally, someone gave him a quarter.

When he went into the bathroom and was about to put the quarter in to open the stall door, someone came out of the stall and he didn’t need to use the quarter. After he left the men’s room, on his way out of the casino, a slot machine caught his eye and he decided to use that quarter to play a the slot machine.

As luck would have it, he hit the jackpot and all the lights and bells were going as coins came pouring out of the machine. The winnings were so large that a local TV station came to report on the news.

As the homeless man recounted the story, the reporter asked him if he was grateful for the person who gave him the quarter he used to play the slot machine with. He thought about it for a moment and said “yes, yes, I am grateful for the person who gave me the quarter, but I tell you what, I’m more grateful for the person who opened the door.”

And I too am most grateful for two the people who have opened the door for me. First, Deb Palm. Without Deb, I would not have learned how to be a pitchman and wouldn’t have taken this entrepreneurial path in the world of art & craft shows, home shows, and street festivals. And second, Greg Corcoran. Without Greg, The Wine Slushie Guy would have never been born. Thank you Deb and Greg!