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How To Make Wine Slushies

To make wine slushies using the full pack, fill the blender with ice first, add the dry wine slush mix and add a bottle of wine and blend for 30 seconds. You can use wine or hard liquor, vodka, rum, or gin. For wine use a dry white wine – chardonnay, pinot grigio works on all flavors except the Dublin Mudslide and Blackberry Sangria. Use a dry red with the Blackberry Sangria.

Dublin Mudslide

For the Dublin Mudslide, fill the blender only halfway with ice, add 1 ½ C of Bailey’s, and 1 C of milk. Blend and enjoy your wine slushies!

Berry & Sangria

For Berry and Sangria, use red or white. A good dry red wine is a merlot, bordeaux, pinot noir, zinfandel, or cabernet.

Peach Mango Bellini

Peach Mango Bellini can be made with dry white, dry champagne, or prosecco.

Using Hard Liquor- Vodka, Rum, Gin...Hello!

If using hard liquor, fill blender with ice, add the dry slush mix, add 1 ½ C of hard liquor (vodka, rum, gin), and blend.  

You can add ½ C seltzer water if you need a little more liquid to blend the ice...or more liquor. Adjust the proportions as you see know who you are :)

Pina Colada

For a little extra treat in the Pina Colada, add 3-4 oz of pineapple juice...that's about 1/2 of a small Dole can.

Each slush mix makes seven 8oz glasses. That’s 56oz of goodness!

If you want to do only half a batch, just cut the directions above in half.


Can I Make it Single Serve Using the Nutribullet?


Add 5 oz of ice to a 16 oz Bullet container - it fills it 3/4th of the way. 

Add 4 ½ tsp of the mix. 

Add ½ cup of dry wine (use ¼ of a cup of hard liquor if that’s your poison of choice).

Blend.  Enjoy!


What if I Don’t Have a Blender?

Use 3 C of water instead of a blender full of ice if you are using the full package.  Combine the water, the dry wine slush mix, and wine (or hard liquor) in a bowl, mix well and put in a freezer bag for 8 hours.  When ready to drink, take out and thaw until you can knead the bag, then pour into glasses and enjoy.



What is a Wine Slushie?

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this…

It’s a frozen drink made with wine or hard liquor. Think frozen pina colada or frozen margarita. It’s ice, the dry wine slush mix (that’s the flavoring), and wine (or hard liquor) blended together. Three ingredients. It’s like making brownies but more fun!


How Do I Make it? 

The bottom half of this page explains how plus there is a 2 minute video to show you the step-by-step process.


What Kind of Wine Do I Use?

Dry white wine such as chardonnay or pinot grigio goes with all the flavors except the Dublin Mudslide and the Blackberry Sangria. For Blackberry Sangria use a dry red. For Berry and the regular Sangria, red or white. For Mudslide, use bailey’s and milk or for a chocotini (think martini), use vodka. For the Peach Mango Bellini, use dry champagne. Wine can also be used with the Peach Mango Bellini.


How Much Hard Liquor Do I Use? 

1 ½ C for a full package. Vodka, rum, or gin. Although I did have a man ask me at an art & craft fair that question. After I said 1 ½ C, he said, “Two cups? Four cups?” I guess it just depends on how good of a night you want to have. You can add an additional 1/2 C of hard liquor or soda water if you need more liquid to help blend the ice.


How Much Does Each Package Make 

Seven 8 oz glasses.


Can I Use Moscato Wine? 

No, you wouldn’t want to do that. Because the product is sweet, if you add a sweet wine, it will taste sickie-sweet and you will think it’s the product’s fault. If you use a dry wine, the combination of a dry wine and sweet product will give you a refreshing taste.


If I Use Champagne for the Peach Mango Bellini in the Blender, Won’t it Explode?

No, you will be fine. You are only blending for 30 seconds. Also, you really won’t lose that much carbonation either.


Do I Have to Make it All at Once 

No, you can do half a batch. Just cut the directions in half. When you are near the end of your first half-batch, you can always decide to do another half-batch and finish off the package :)


Can I Make Just One Glass or Use My Bullet Blender? 




Will it Freeze if I Put it into the Freezer?

Yes. You could pour what you don’t use into a freezer bag and thaw it out for 20-30 minutes before you resume drinking. I wouldn’t recommend putting the blender in the freezer as I wouldn’t want it to crack on you.


Can I Make it Non-Alcoholic? 

Ok, ok, I know what most of you are thinking…but there are a few people who like to have it non-alcoholic or make it for the kids. The answer is yes, use ginger ale or tonic water/seltzer water...or wine slushies with sprite if you like


Are these Gluten-Free? 

Yes…they’re health drinks really.  You know they say a little wine is good for you.


Is There a Lot of Sugar in it? How Many Calories in a Wine Slushie? 

This is a fun drink! I took all the broccoli and cauliflower out. Think of this as birthday cake. You’re only having this a few times a year, just like you eat birthday cake only a few times a year - on your birthday, and your friends and family’s birthday. This is not milk; you’re not drinking this every day. If you are drinking this every day, sugar and calorie consumption may not be your biggest concern!


But to answer the question, sugar is the first ingredient just like it is for ice cream and soda and I don’t know what the calorie count is. And it’s real sugar and not corn syrup.


What Kind of Blender Do You Use?

I use a Kitchen Aid Diamond blender that you can get on amazon for about $115 or so. I recently saw a Ninja blender at Target for $100, but any blender that crushes ice will do. Remember, a full pack make 56 oz’s, so if your blender is smaller than that, make a half batch a time. Fill the blender up to the 28oz mark with ice; add ½ bottle wine and half the pack.  

Below is the exact blender I use.  You can get it on amazon for $83.83 at the time of this writing:

KitchenAid KSB1575MC 5-Speed Diamond Blender, Metallic Chrome


Can I Use My Margarita Maker? 



How Do I Run a Blender When I’m in the Middle of Nowhere? Camping? On My Boat? At a Jimmy Buffet Concert? 

When I’m outdoors, I use a deep cycle marine battery (think car battery…in fact, when your car is nearby you could just use your car), and a DC to AC power inverter. I have a charger at home to re-charge the battery. If you are on the beach or your boat, there is a new cooler coming out called the coolest cooler that has a blender as part of the cooler.


What if I Don’t Have a Blender?

Use 2 ½ C of water instead of a blender full of ice if you are using the package.  Combine the water, the dry wine slush mix package, and wine (or hard liquor) in a bowl, mix well and put in a freezer bag for 6-8 hours.


Do I Use Crushed Ice? 

Regular old ice cubes from your freezer are fine. Just make sure you have enough ice for all the batches you want to make. :) I haven't tried this yet, but making wine slushies with snow in the winter is an interesting idea worth exploring.


How Long Do the Packages Last?

Two and a half years.


When is a Great Time for Wine Slushies?

Whether it's for camping, holidays, parties, girl's night in, sitting on the beach, by the lake, pool, in your backyard, on your back deck, or just having company over, wine slushies will add pizzaz to any event.